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20x Zoom / 3.5" LCD Screen
30x Zoom / 2.7" LCD Screen
10x Zoom / 3.5" LCD Screen
Hard Drive / 3.5" LCD Screen
8x Zoom
Hard Drive
Hard Drive / 27x Zoom / 2.7" LCD Screen
Hard Drive / 90x Zoom
Hard Drive / 90x Zoom / 3" LCD Screen
Hard Drive / 50x Zoom
Hi-Def / 4x Zoom / 1.8" LCD Screen
Hard Drive / 75x Zoom / 2.7" LCD Screen
Hi-Def / 32x Zoom
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Hard Drive
5x Zoom / 1.5" LCD Screen
Hard Drive
Hard Drive
4x Zoom / 1.8" LCD Screen
Hard Drive
32x Zoom
Hard Drive
4x Zoom
4x Zoom / 2.0" LCD Screen
Hard Drive / 2x Zoom
4x Zoom / 2.4" LCD Screen
4x Zoom
Hard Drive
4x Zoom
10x Zoom
Hard Drive
32x Zoom
20x Zoom / 2.7" LCD Screen
Hard Drive / 40x Zoom
Hi-Def / 10x Zoom
DVD / 2.7" LCD Screen
12x Zoom / 3.5" LCD Screen

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Glossary for Camcorders

Hi-Def - The video camera is capable of High Definition Recording

Optical Zoom - Physically alters the focal length of the digital or analogue camcorder using the camera lens (optics).

Digital Zoom - Uses digital wizadry to manipulate the camcorder's digital image to simulate an optical zoom lens. This will result in some degradation of the digital image quality.

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